The Do’s and Don’ts of an Influential Network Marketing Leader

Thank you for deciding to buy this book
If you do not know me and the story of this book
Let me tell you a quick summary: I was introduced to network marketing when I was in school.






Thank you for deciding to buy this book
If you do not know me and the story of this book
Let me tell you a quick summary: I was introduced to network marketing when I was in school. After looking at the business models and carefully studying them, I realized that this was a good option for me but I did not have any knowledge of how to do it right, therefore, I was doing almost everything wrong. I worked with several companies over a three-year period and never had much success, so I decided to move away from the industry and do something else. But after a while I spent more time studying and researching these financial markets. I left my current job and participated in various training courses, only then did I reach a new perspective. Tired of being a victim of network marketing, blaming myself and asking “why I can’t be as successful as everyone else in the industry” every day. I made a serious decision. I worked tirelessly and envisioned the future. It always occurred to me that if someone in the industry could, then so could I. That’s why I tried my best to be the best in sales and I attended every training course and read every book in this field so that I could be better every day than the day before.

I started working through social media at a time when few people were active in this field. I was asked to teach teams and leaders how to do this. With no intentions or plans to become a business coach or trainer, I gradually realized that I was interested in the job and felt that I could help it more if I focused on companies and leaders. So I decided to build a team of strong leaders who have the same aspirations so that we can get more people to succeed in this direction, and we have had a lot of success in this area.

But in the same years, we met a person who introduced himself as the founder of an educational company, Behnam Jafari, who made the biggest and bitterest experiences of our lives for us. We had worked hard for many years. In 2019, we lost all our capital, credit and team. All this was due to Jafari’s incompetence. Maybe we had some kind of complete destruction and a very bad feeling, as if the world had come to an end, we were very confused for a while and did not know where and how we were hit, but we did not let this surprise us for a long time and we tried. We learnt from this event and used the experiences we gained in this path, and in a short time we were able to gather our energy and use all these difficult lessons for the success of ourselves and many people who are in this industry. They are interested, because we have always believed that we were on the right track and for the sake of a horn We trusted Sie, who was not qualified enough to run the training company, and got caught up in the personal adventures of a person who was thirsty for wealth, power and respect, and led to the destruction of many of the people who were being taught at the training company, but why? It can be said that all these were experiences that cost a lot, but these difficult experiences were able to strengthen our roots and identify our strengths and weaknesses, and only then we were able to achieve significant success. We realized that everything starts with us and it does not matter if you have good leadership or not, it is important that you know the job.

And over the years, we have done our best to send the message to different people that everything starts with you, and with various tutorials in the form of videos, books, educational booklets, and online seminars up to this point. At the moment, we did our best to teach the real principles. We are very happy that we were able to make such an impact in this field, and that was our goal.

In the first year after this heavy defeat, our team was able to help a lot of different people in different parts of the world to improve their income level and change their sales significantly, in fact, how to help the leaders of organizations. Different, it was basic sales training and I taught them what principles and rules to follow to sell products.

Here are some experiences from years of trial and error that can help anyone who wants to be an effective leader to lead great teams and learn a lot.

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