How to Create an Employee Training Video
اردیبهشت ۲۱, ۱۴۰۱
A Practical Guide and Tips
اردیبهشت ۲۱, ۱۴۰۱

What Is a Training Video?

A training video is a video that provides applicable knowledge. Chances are you’ve found yourself wondering how to do something new correctly and turned to YouTube for some quick help. With training videos, you can learn some needed information that has been studied, gathered, and presented by other people. Watching a video is a simple way to gain new knowledge and then go into more detail through reading if needed.

You might be thinking, “It’s pretty clear why people watch videos. But why would I make them in the corporate sphere?” We’ll explain why.

Why Create Training Videos?

Using videos for employee training might be a good solution for the following reasons:

  • Video is more compelling and engaging than texts. It combines sound and picture and involves more of our senses. Even a short training video added to a course can make it more vivid and consequently more engaging.
  • Training videos improve knowledge retention. A study conducted by the SAVO group confirmed that presenting learning materials visually increases knowledge retention by up to 65 %.
  • Videos can be accessed anytime and anywhere. To find the solution to a problem, learners often consider it more practical to refer to a short video on a mobile device rather than a book. For example, they can watch it on their smartphones in the subway, during a break from work, or while cooking or doing housework.
  •  Videos can reduce training costs. With a recording, it’s possible to make training replicable for internal use. This is especially important for large companies with geographically dispersed teams. Video training will help them reduce repetitive instructor fees and other costs: there will be no need for venue, travel, and accommodation expenditures for training.

A variety of training video formats can be used: demonstrations, screencasts, video lectures, presenter videos, and more. Since presenter-style training videos serve as a bridge between instructor-led training and eLearning, we’ll elaborate on them for you in this article.

What Are Presenter-Style Training Videos?

A presenter-style training video shows a person who addresses the audience directly through the camera as if they were face to face. These videos can be used to provide the same information that is typically delivered during classroom sessions. For example, they can be of great use when you need to deliver instructions to the entire staff or inform them about a new product.

For example, uses presenter-style videos for the Whiteboard Friday series, where they share tips on how to maximize SEO performance.

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